Natural Plasters


Clay plastering

Clay plastering will typically include three layers of clay: a base coat of 1cm, a second coat of 8 mm and a fine finish of 2-3 mm. Already even surfaces can sometimes be plastered with a thinner layer of 5mm. Saviukumaja’s high quality clay plasters are manufactured by professionals and have been proven highly durable. Fine finishes are available in over 30 different colour shades. Clay plastering is ideal for breathable log walls, straw structures and brick walls. Price examples: Three-layer clay plaster on reed mat: materials + labour from 115€ m² + VAT. Fine finish 5mm: materials + labour from 45€ m² + VAT. You can also just purchase materials.


Tadelakt & Gekolakt: A natural alternative for wetrooms

The ancient Moroccoan Tadelakt technique is ideal for wetrooms, for behind wash basins and for surfaces that require durability, such as window niches. True Tadelakt is carried out with Moroccoan lime, but we like to use Saviukumaja’s equivalent Estonian lime mixture, Gekolakt. The lime based plaster is rendered water proof by polishing the surface with olive soap, precisely at the right stage of drying. This procedure seals up the surface. Tadelakt is a labour intensive technique and rendering the surface water proof requires skill. Once it is hardened, the surface is as hard as stone. Price example: Water proof Tadelakt-surface: materials + labour from 280€ m² + VAT.


Clay floors

For those who like concrete floors, clay floors offer a great alternative. Clay floors are easier to make and have a warmer foot feel than concrete and stone. Clay floor making is a technique of its own. The floor is in fact made with clay plaster, which contains a large proportion of sand. The floor is compressed and left to dry. If the floor requires evening out, more layers are added. Just like with wall plastering, the base layer is rougher and the fine finish is smoother. When the floor has dried out, it is hardened with linseed oil. The hardened floor is then finished with wax. It is good to renew the wax treatment from time to time, especially on areas which are used a lot. Price example: Clay floor layers/thickness 1.5-2 cm price from 110 € / m2 + VAT


Lime plaster and painting

Outside walls, basements, chimneys and fireplaces can all be finished with lime plaster. Traditionally, clay has been used mostly on stone and brick surfaces. We use Saviukumaja’s ready-to-use natural clay plasters and paints. Plastering ovens and fireplaces is more labour intensive, therefore the price of that is slightly higher. Price example: Common clay plaster: materials + labour from 45 € m² + VAT.

You can now order natural building materials from us

We import and sell high quality building materials which cannot be found in hardware stores. Orders are placed by email, so that we can ensure delivery times and availability, because our small storage cannot hold the full range of products. We are happy to help you choose the right materials, if you are not familiar with them. When required, we can deliver the materials to your site. Freight costs are calculated separately for each delivery. You can also pick up your pre-ordered materials from our office in Billnäs. Our address is Ruukintie 7, 10330 Billnäs. Please always agree pick-up time beforehand. Please find our current price list here


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Please note that the nature of the clay variations always vary depending on the light, so it may be challenging to see exactly the right tones in the display. Model pieces can be viewed at our office.

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