Well planned is half done

Design is the foundation of construction, it defines the whole process of building process. Determining the cost of construction, designing energy consumption, wastewater treatment, utilizing environmental conditions, fault tolerance and anticipating repair needs, optimal utilization of squares and all major decisions take place on paper before the construction process begins. Planning is always worthy, because good design will pay you back.

Natural Design Company, a sister company of The Natural Building Company, serves clients in design-related matters. We’ve put together a number of natural design-oriented designers from different areas with whom we work closely together. With this team, we can design buildings as a whole, taking into account different perspectives naturally as the process progresses.

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Guidance and consulting

We are happy to share our knowledge about natural building, which we have gathered over several years of experience. Our experts include suitable consultants both for both small and experimental projects, as well as for larger developments. We also offer for practical guidance for construction entrepreneurs.

Questions about a planning project?

Kati Juola-Alanen

Eko-Arkkitehti, Partner of NBC,
+358 40 416 4842 (suomi, english)

Paul Lynch

Managing director, Founding member
+358 44 250 9663 (english, svenska)

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