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Kati Juola-Alanen and Paul Lynch lecturing at the natural building event Vihreä Joulu in Tampere in 2016.

Natural building lectures

We lecture at different events and cooperate with education providers in the business. In the last few years we have taught interior design architecture students at Metropolia about the basics of natural building and the visual possibilities offered by natural materials. We participated on Novia’s open house event for young people looking for a place to study and we regularly visit Novia to educate future building engineers about among other the building physical features of straw elements. In 2016 we lectured in Estonia at EstBuildissa and we mostly take part in the annual European Strawbale Gathering. We will most likely lecture about natural building at among other the Perinnepäivät and Fytoterapiapäivät events. We lecture at different kinds of events and always update our material to suit the theme of the event. We also organise the Green Building Island event, to which we in addition to our own lecturers invite other experts on the business. The Natural Building Company has experts in many areas of natural building and a solid network of natural building experts from around Finland and abroad. If you are looking for a natural building expert to lecture at your event, you can contact us to find a suitable person for you.

Straw bale building course at Iso-Orvokkiniitty in Karja-Lohjalla, teacher Charlie Jespergaard. (Autumn 2017)

Courses made to order

Organising courses is a natural way of spreading knowledge. Traditionally clay plastering techniques have spread through working together on projects. Except being ecologically sound, natural building is also fun, and there has been plenty of participants at our practical courses. We have organised courses for several years around Southern Finland. The courses are usually taught in English, but a lot of discussions are in Finnisha nd Swedish. You can follow our events on Facebook. Do you have a natural building project, which you would like to carry out by organising a course? You can purchase the teaching and the materials from us, and carry out the project together with a group of friends. We also organise made-to-order courses for associations, schools and hobby groups. We invoice you for teaching and materials, and where applicable also for building preparations. Obviosuly the handywork of the participants will be visible in the final result, but our teacher will make sure that all the essentials are in order. Practical arrangements, such as booking, at such courses are usually carried out by the client. We can advertise open spaces on the NBC:n Facebook page. Contact us to discuss how to organise your course together with us.

Carolina Isasi’s clay building course for kids at the Kolibri Festival. The team was to build a nest for the bird Orneido together. The Natural Building Company sponsored the materials and took part in the activities at Annantalo.

Course subjects like clay plastering, tadelakt and straw bale building

We have organised courses in among other clay plastering, straw bale building and tadelakt techniques as well as pizza oven building. Some years ago we organised several lectures and workshops in Jollas in connection with the natural restoration of a derelict boathouse. The weekend courses were a balanced mix of theory and practice. One course was organised around the building of a pizza oven outside the same boathouse, taught by Bill and Athena Steen. Later on, that oven was tested on the lunch breaks of other courses. The course subjects are often determined by current projects. We prefer to run courses, the results of which do not need to be deconstructed, but can be used in the future. Naturally, tadelakt technique is practiced on test pieces, and clay plastering courses are carried out on temporary test walls in order for participants to get the hang of the right technique. It is mostly Charlie Jespergaard who teaches our courses, but sometimes we also invite guest stars to teach. For example our window restoration courses have been taught by Petri Stenberg and fireplace masonry has been taught by Lars Keller and Agner Thulesen from Denmark. Those courses have centered around rocket ovens and fireplace masonry with clay plasters. Other courses have been among other insulation of basements with reed mats and clay plastering of the same, as well as clay floor making. Course subjects are thus as varied as is natural building in itself!


Clay plastering of log wall – client project

Building planning
Clay plastering log walls diminishes draft, improves fire safety, evens out the surface and regulates indoor air humidity. This is how we clay plastered the Sailor’s cottage. Read more >
Green Building Island
GBI gathers together natural building experts and entrepreneurs and provides you with an opportunity to get to know new materials and find all actors in the business in one place. Read more >

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