Pienempi malli on kooltaan 64 m2 + 15 m2 saunarakennus. Mallinnus Jaakko Pöytäniemi.

We are planning natural and breathable house models

With the increasing demand for healthy buildings, we have begun planning a simple house model as a durable, natural and ecological alternative to common house packages. Our starting point is to create a house model, which is as healthy and safe as possible, both for its inhabitants and for the environment.

We do not achieve our reasonable price by cutting corners in quality. Rather, we achieve advantages with common sense solutions, smart choice of material and good process planning. We have, for example, planned the water pipes so that the distance water travels through the structures is as short as possible. We know that a home is one of the major investments in most people’s lives. Therefore our objective is to create a home, the value of which lasts from generation to generation.

Our load bearing and insulated structures are Ecococon straw elements, which are breathable, long-lived, energy efficient and quick to assemble.

Turnkey or implementation according to the customer’s wishes

  • Two different sizes: Small 64m² cottage (+ loft 20) and 14,5m² sauna
  • Larger 86,5m² family home (+ second floor) and 14,5m² sauna
  • Sauna in a separate building diminishes humidity load
  • Solid breathaböe structure stays dry and healthy
  • Natural energy efficient structure
  • Durable: planned for easy repairs, well maintained can last for two centuries, damaged parts can be replaced
  • House model is available with A roof or pulpit roof

Final plans and basic model with price will be released as soon as possible. Contact us for more information. We are happy to share information about the house model we are currently working on and its different variations. If you wish to build a unique, made-to-order house, check out our design service here >


Straw elements are natural solid structures

Ecococon straw elements

The wooden frame elements have compressed wheat straw as insulation material. The structure is load bearing and naturally energy efficient. It has the ability to dry by itself and is durable. Read more >

straw insulation

Are mice a risk when building with straw? Does the structure sink? What is the cost of building with straw elements? Read more >

Building planning

Alueelle on kaavoitettu 12 omakotitalotonttia, joille rakennetaan terveitä koteja luonnonmukaisin menetelmin. Lisäksi 2 tonttia on varattu yhteiskäyttöön.
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